Sound has been used as a healing tool for thousands of years in Ancient times and throughout Asia, specifically utilized in ceremonies, sacred sites, meditation, and prayer. Sound baths are part meditation practice and part deep listening exercises. Sound baths and or Sound Meditations effectively sends out vibrational frequency to participants by assisting in di-stressing, altering consciousness, and creating a deeper sense of peace. The sound wave engages the relaxation reflexes which slows down the respiratory system, brain, and heart rate. The frequencies of the sound impact the sympathetic nervous system as the brain waves synchronize to the vibrations of the sound coming from the singing bowls or other tuning tools. In our waking state, the normal frequency of brain waves is that of Beta and this assist the brain to move into a deeper state of Alpha and Theta brain waves which induces a deeper meditative practice and a calming state of mind. 


Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath (One on One/ Couple Session)

The vibrations of Alchemic Sound Bowls penetrate the energetic body for ultimate cleansing, relaxation of the physical, mental, and emotional body. A one on one session may also include tuning Forks, himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and other sound tuning tools. Sound and vibration may help alleviate discomfort, inviting deeper relaxation, and relief. This enables us to make the necessary shifts for total decompression. 

Crystalizing Alchemy Sound Bath (Group Experience)


Ambient Sound waves & Meditation (Group Experience) 

Lemurian Alchemy Sound Facilitator/Organizer

Sound Bath Meditation

Sydney Projekthandmade is a passionate heart centered Sound facilitator dedicated to assisting and diving into the power of Sound & Light. Sydney is a channel, a clairaudient, guided intuitive, wisdom keeper, and a truth seeker of life. Over the last decade she has dedicated herself to the many healing art forms, debunking beliefs, testing limitations, and challenges. Her personal search for deeper meaning and consciousness to all that is, has led her to many journeys through constant transformation. She has participated in sacred ceremonies around the globe for natural & deep healing, spiritual growth in the realms of Ancient Meditation Practices such as Buddhism, Kirtan, Tantra, and qigong. She's part of 5 Rhythms meditation movement community and is a practicing yogi in Vinyasa/Ivengar yoga. These practices, experiences, and tools support personal growth, energy transformation, spirit downloads, and upgrades to the energetic body. This way, we may all continue on the path functioning at our highest form of self, while being in the world creating the most impact. Sydney also holds a bachelors in Business/Communication and a second post Degree in Design from Parsons, The New School.


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