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Sunday Series Erika Brown | Truth Seeker Divination

  • innerNest 32-32 Steinway Street 4th Floor Astoria, NY, 11103 United States (map)

Join us at innerNest for a 4 part SUNDAY SERIES with Erika Brown|Truth Seeker Divination. 

EARTH SPEAK: A Journey into the Process and Flow of Communing with the Earth. Participants must attend all 4 parts for the full immersion (4 Sunday’s July, 8th, 15th, 22nd, July 29th/ 12 hours total). (Early bird special offer posted now/After May 6th Regular Admission $333)

Series objective:

* Recognizing and utilize your divinatory navigational skills. 
* Focus on various modalities while decoding the languages of the universe. 
* Start the process of learning to interpret and converse for yourself. Transmissions (also known as Divine downloads) don't come from learning rituals. The rituals prepare you for the opportunity to receive the transmissions (without the need for psychedelic enhancement or medicina). Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown/unseen by extrasensory (“supernatural”) means. Learning the Rituals for Divine downloads is the ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Thus, we have two different initiatives, which are learning the rituals and applying them in practice, in order to induce transmissions. Divination course preparation: Please bring journal/notebook, accessibility to the right hemisphere of your brain; wear comfortable clothes for sitting and movement and an ample supply of Gratitude and openness to receive transmissions.

Consciously entering into ‘Divine dialogue’ is the knowing that you are tapped in and turned on. We will ride the multi-dimensional waves of elemental emotions, earth-speak, galactic frequency, and Source consciousness. We will communicate with each other, the earth, our galactic kin and the universe in 5D, document and discuss our experience.

"There is an inherent mystery in life - an inner urge, an attraction to move toward the light. This mysterious component of life is innate in all life forms. It is, one might say, an urge to seek illumination or to manifest the creator's beautiful light. This urge is responsible for the interplay of human relationships and experiences. It is responsible for evolution's forward movement and progress toward the greater light. Observe the plant pushing its way out of the darkness of the soil and into the light of the sun where it can then express its full potential. Observe the infant anxious to express life, moving and extricating itself from the womb of its mother under this mysterious impulse. Observe this innate urge in the human being as he or she continues the search for greater knowledge-greater illumination. Observe the human being moving into experiences and relationships that are destined to bring lessons to learn and thus spiritual growth. Observe the student of mysticism penetrating into the realm of the soul, a place of light and beauty. Masters and philosophers have written on the pages of wisdom concerning the book of man and the book of nature. This mysterious governing intelligence is vibrating and communicating wisdom throughout all life and behind the seemingly ordinary, routine aspects of our daily lives that constitutes only the "appearance" of life, there is a mystery and a mystical experience." -Fr Lonnie C Edwards (Spiritual Laws).

*Each week will include recommended path work, practical applications and suggested book lists and readings.*