Spring Awakening (April 15th)

April 15th 2:00-4:00pm


Refresh your body + mind with Expert & Certified Nutrition Counselor Sophia Gigitashvili who's a Detoxification Specialist/Certified Clinical Iridologist. Let us embrace the healing power of Spring. Let us tune to a new season with pure body + mind.

~ Special Guest/Host ~

For the last eight years Sophia Gigitashvili has devoted herself to the study of ancient and modern health sciences. She guides and supports men/women to reach their health goals and improve their lives. Sophia facilitates numerous health, wellness workshops, retreats, and supports corporate wellness, and children’s health education. She is a dedicated teacher, a continuing student of health and happiness. Sophia also holds certifications in Ayurvedic + Chinese nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, Health Coaching, Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration, 

~ Event ~

According to natures law, spring is a time of cleansing, purifying new beginnings! We human beings are multidimensional creatures and all aspects of our lives need nourishment, and care. When the physical body is in balance we  have energy. When emotions are balanced, we have clarity and all of this help us reach new heights within our body. The practice of letting go is the foundation of detoxification. However, we are not only letting go of physical toxins but leaving behind our emotional impurities.

~ Workshop/Event Intention ~

This event is designed to introduce participants to the art of detoxification. Attendants will have a chance to explore the organization of human body and emotions, healing power of detoxification, and knowledge of specific foods that support this process. Detoxification is shown to improve many health alignments, give clarity, incorporate robust health, and overall energy.

~ Workshop Schedule ~

2:00pm-2.15 pm - Welcome
2.15pm - 3.00pm - Workshop - Detoxification for a body. (part 1)  

3.00pm - 3.15 pm (Break) We will make detox elixir.
3.15pm - 4pm - Workshop - detoxification for mind (part 2)


~ Workshop Details/Breakdown ~

Part 1
+Introduction of a human body, the art of detoxification, specific foods, and herbs for detoxification
 +Q &A.

Part 2
+Detoxification for heart + mind
+Anatomy of emotions
+The attendees will explore the different aspects of everyday life with a group of few attendees

+ They will have a chance to discover which aspect of their life is out of balance and why
+As a group, we will be able to think about possible strategies and steps for higher living

+ Final Q &A


P.S. Bring a notebook and a pencil!


'Participants will walk away with a complete blue print and understanding of how to detoxify themselves and all the protocols for this Spring season.' 

~ Cost ~

Now till April 11th Early bird $30

April 12th-15th $45



"This is a workshop which treats the body and mind as a whole and it has been more empowering than any therapist or book I have ever encountered". Simon P.


"I totally enjoyed the workshop. You gave me the tools I was looking for at this point of my life, you were a great help with your knowledge, ability to share and listen". Sophie D.


"I learned more than I thought I would, and I finally understood how important the mind-body connection is in this journey". Ann A.


"Amazing" Terry B.


“What an amazing workshop! it made all the difference.I have learned that It’s not just about eating better, rather about being in tune with your body, knowing your body and keeping it in balance". Ava D.


"Really great workshop! Met a new friend" - Elisa A.


"What a great experience!  Just what I needed. I realized I have been hibernating with worry. Thanks for all the great suggestions" Michelle W.


“Thank you, Sophia, for helping this old goose realize his swan potential. you and the group have inspired me to reclaim my body. the lesson I have learned this weekend will be the foundation of my new way of living” Massimo M.