Alternative (W)holistic Experience

We have been organically holding space for wellness events since 2015. In 2017 we formulated our ethos and birthed the name innerNest with the purpose to connect ourselves in a deeper way. In today's climate it's crucial for social culture to begin sharing in interconnected expressions of authenticity that remind us of our truest nature. The love for ourselves, love for each other, and the love for our planet earth. We look forward to bring these pivitol parts together in a more impactful way.

At innerNest we combine wellness with creative vehicles, such as sound, music, art, light, our love for design to assist us in curating moments to rejuvenate our spirit, supporting our unified purpose of peace and our planetary mission of sustainability.

The driving force of innerNest is to offer moments of intention and inner stillness which sets in motion the power to uplift and integrate wellness into our daily life practice.

We assemble private one on one sessions, co-create group experiences through workshops, events, pop-up shops, and dinners surrounding conscious practices of ancient Eastern & Western philosophies.

Current offerings: Sound Experiences, Reiki, Meditations, Native Wisdom Teachings, Herbology, Esoteric rituals, Spirit Readings, and many other Zen practices.

At innerNest we believe in the vital importance of bringing back nourishing goodness, ultimate wholeness to mind, body, and the divine spirit.