Sydney Projekthandmade is the Soulful founder of innerNest. The mission of innerNest came about from a vision Sydney had on humanity’s future where society was dis-ease ridden, abundantly well, and whole. A vision that was totally immersive and experienced through all her 5 senses (as real as this very moment). Sydney dedicated her life’s work to healing, uncovering, and discovering profound aspects of self in our dual reality. She is a true wisdom keeper.

Sydney is a Sound Facilitator, Spiritual Channel, Guided Intuitive, Meditator, and a Kundalini Spoken Word Enthusiast. Over the last decade she's dedicated herself to many holistic practices to seek refuge in true self-healing. The healing journey began for her from personal hardships she witnessed and faced in her earlier phases of life. Over the course of this time, she reconditioned her mind, testing her own limiting beliefs, debunking false/unaligned ideologies, and ultimately redirecting it for a greater good.

Sydney’s desire for authenticity, empowerment, discipline, true self-development, deeper meaning of life, and higher consciousness has led her through massive amounts of growth and transformation. She is part of various gatherings, festivals, communities, and ceremonies around the globe and is continuously learning techniques in areas of deep healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

On the Journey she’s learned ancient meditation practices from variety of cultures and scriptures like Buddhism, Kirtan, Tantra, Hinduism, Qigong, and Shamanic Healing. Sydney is also part of the spiritual embodied dance practices communities such as 5 Rhythms, Estatic Dance, and Transcendental dance. She is also a practicing yogi in Vinyasa & Iyengar. 

All the years of accumulated practices and spiritual tools in her toolbox supports energetic transformation, spiritual downloads, and upgrades to balance new connections of the mind, body, and spirit. This way, we may continue on the path functioning at our highest/greatest, while being in the world creating the most impact.

Sydney also has a bachelors in Business and Communication, minor in English, and a second Degree in Design from Parsons, The New School. In her previous life she has worked with major corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Vitazest, NYSE and many other brands.

The innerNest mission began with meditation gatherings in 2015 in which we hosted events that organically led us to form innerNest in the end of 2017. In 2018 our mission began to bring awareness to our most inner being by creating a sacred container that facilitates practices to discover our own personal power and potential (our very own innerNest). In this sacred container we share interconnected expressions of authenticity reminding us, we are not separate from the whole, and in fact are connected to one conscious energy. To preserve in our hearts the love for ourselves, love for each other, and the love for our home; planet earth.

At innerNest we curate wellness experiences through a combination of artistic vehicles that facilitate the ambiance we are looking to create. The driving force of innerNest vision is to offer moments of intention and inner stillness which sets in motion the power to uplift and integrate wellness into our daily life practices. We are here to support our unified purpose of peace and planetary mission of sustainability in all facets of life.

At innerNest’s space we offer one to one Soulful Sound Bath sessions, Group Experiences, Workshops, Events, Pop-Up Shops, and Conscious Dinners that bring balance to us all.