What is a Sound bath? This ancient practice has been used as a tool for thousands of years throughout Asia, specifically utilized in ceremonies, sacred sites, deepening meditation, and in prayer. Sound baths or 'Sound healing' as people call it, is part meditation and part deep listening. These baths are effectively sending out vibrational frequency to participants by assisting in di-stressing, altering consciousness by creating a deep sense of peace. The penetrating energy engages the relaxation reflexes which slows down the respiratory system, brain, plus heart rate. Singing bowl pulsations impact the sympathetic nervous system as our body synchronizes to vibrations coming from singing bowls or other tuning tools. In our waking state, normal brain waves is that of Beta and this assist our mind to move into a deeper state of Alpha and Theta which induces a deeper practice essential for a healthier environment. These techniques are conducive for any level from beginners to the avid practitioner.   

Alchemy Sound Bath (1:1 0r Couple Session)

The vibrations for most of the session is made by our Alchemic Crystal Singing Bowls which are made up of 99.9% pure crystal quartz, natural gemstones, and other precious metals. The frequency penetrates the energetic body by matching our current frequency to that of the singing bowls. They provide us ultimate enegetic cleansing and relaxation to the physical, mental, and emotional body. These bowls are extremely special in that they are uniquely chosen for our facilitator to perform. The singing bowls are created by the best artisans in the industry and are AAAA in terms of high quality, unlike inexpensive bowls coming from oversea factories. The one to one or couple session include tuning forks, gongs, chimes, and other meditative tuning tools. The sound vibration may assist to alleviate discomfort, inviting us into a deep relaxed state, and absolute day to day relief. This enables us to make the necessary shifts for proper decompression. 

Sound Healing Bath Therapy Group Session


This Private Group Sound Immersion features the musical frequency of our stunning crystal singing bowls and other ambient instruments. Let the sound bath healing transport you into clear energy while you relax in a calming environment. 

Sound Healing Bath NYC Events

alchemy Sound bath EXPERIENCES (Monthly)

These sound baths are a mind, body, spiritual, and social tool that promotes belonging and relaxation. It also aids to deactivate the flight or fight response that our bodies can get stuck in under prolonged stress. When we meditate, we connect into our spirit and our own spiritual beliefs. As humans, this makes us feel more connected to each other, but also can bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose to our lives. 


Sound Bath Facilitator / Organizer / Founder

Sound Bath Meditation Facilitator

Sydney Projekthandmade is the Soulful founder of innerNest. The mission of innerNest came about from a vision Sydney had on humanities future where society was dis-ease ridden, abundantly well, and whole. A beautiful vision that was totally immersive and experienced through all her 5 senses (as real as this very moment). Sydney has dedicated her life’s work to healing, uncovering, and discovering profound aspects of self in our dual reality. She is a true wisdom keeper. Sydney is a Sound Facilitator, Spiritual Channel, Guided Intuitive, Meditator, and a Kundalini Spoken Word Enthusiast. Over the last decade she's dedicated herself to many holistic practices to seek refuge in true self-healing.The healing journey began for her from personal hardships she witnessed and faced in her earlier phases of life. Over the course of this time, she reconditioned her mind, testing her own limiting beliefs, debunking false/unaligned ideologies, and ultimately redirecting it for a greater good.

Sydney’s desire for authenticity, empowerment, discipline, true self-development, deeper meaning of life, and higher consciousness has led her through massive amounts of growth and transformation. She is part of various gatherings, festivals, communities, and ceremonies around the globe and is continuously learning techniques in areas of deep healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Read more…