Wellness Activist

Highlighting the future of Diversity, Personal Transformation, Healthy identity, Ego deconstruction, Emotional Intelligence, Inclusion, and Empathy by means of Mindfulness, Sounds, Meditation, and Spoken Word.


“I really wants to give you millions of thanks for every experience. That kind of meditation is amazing and the way you do it makes me feel comfortable and peaceful. It is the perfect place to find and hear your soul , silence your thoughts, and find your path. Thanks.”


“I’ve visited this sanctuary a few times and the team at innerNest has delivered an excellent sound bath meditation experience each time. The space is beautiful and Sydney is a master at her craft. I look forward to the next visit!”


“Love love love. Thank you Sydney for a delightful experience. Body and mind melted together into a bundle of yumminess at the will of innernest’s masterful conductor. An hour very well spent.”

— OLI.

“I just completed my first "sound bath" experience and I have to say I am feeling really, really good. It is very rare that I experience this level of inner peace, while at the same time being excited and hopeful about life. It just proves to me even more that what you choose to focus your mind on determines your emotions, and your emotions determine the quality of your life of how happy you feel at any given moment.”


“My experience at innerNest was truly warm and welcoming. Sydney orchestrated a soothing sound bath experience for the group and the space they created is unique and conducive to everything they provide there.”


“Sydney is a gifted intuitive and healer. Her abilities are incredibly powerful, and the space is truly magical.”

— LEE S.

“Such wonderful, caring, open, loving people are running and involved with innerNest. It really is a place to come for healing, health, community and love. It is a community of people who want to see you blossom into your best self with your own inner nest. Also, can hardly describe the peace one feels when basking in a sound bath by have to try it for yourself and feel moved, relaxed, transformed... x”